Promote your Instagram on other social networks

Through your website you can use a widget to give you an idea of ​​what your Instagram is like to follow you.

If you have a good database of partners, acquaintances, friends or relatives, send them an email inviting them to follow your account, they will surely do so and they will also be quality followers!

In addition to an online store, do you also have a presence? Take advantage of your spaces to promote your Instagram account through blackboards and posters. Your visitors may go there, too.

If your brand has a tangible product, consider placing the coordinates of your social networks in its packaging.

And speaking of social networks, take advantage of your accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and others to promote your Instagram account.

Grow your community in all possible ways!

Publish only quality images

It is an error that by wanting to publish frequently and quickly publish blurry or poor quality images.

Strive to offer your users amazing images and top quality. We assure you that they will know how to reward you by recommending your friends to your account.

Before starting to move your cards so that more users follow you, you should have at least forty or fifty photos on your profile: well focused and without exaggerated filters.

Many users, before making the decision to follow you, will observe your profile from top to bottom. With good photographs, you already have a positive decision assured.

Place descriptions in your photos

Always add a caption describing what we see in the photograph.

The Instagram community likes to comment, so it generates a debate around the image with disturbing questions.

Do not underestimate the comments, because although Instagram is very visual, the text complements the images in many ways.

You can also take advantage of the description and make a CTA, as for example in a photo of a makeup product invites to use the hashtag #AmoMaquillarme or visit your online store to purchase this product.

Use Hashtags

Instagram hashtags give your publications an added value in terms of visibility.

Try to use at least ten hashtags per post, placing words that are really related to your post. We recommend using All Hashtag for this purpose.

Place a keyword and the tool will give you hashtags recommendations for your publication.

Hashtags are the best way to get more followers on Instagram as well as to amplify the reach and classify your posts.

When your community is really big, you can give yourself the luxury of doing without them.

There are accounts that only want to have a good number of followers because that is their goal goal.

There are different ways to quickly get lots of followers on Instagram. However, this does not mean that they are going to be quality followers.

As an informative, we leave you below these methods for you to evaluate whether to put them into practice or not for the growth of your Instagram account.

Use the hashtag # F4F or follow for follow in the comments of users with a large following. You can also use the hashtag #FollowMe.

Enter the likes of popular account posts and follow all those users waiting for you to return the follow.

Dale like to at least a thousand photos that include a popular hashtag.

Use apps that automate this process. Among them are: Followers + for Instagram, Get Followers for Instagram, Follower Tracker for Instagram, etc.

Pay for followers. If you want to get followers already, the best way is to hire a provider of this service and choose the number of followers you want to have.