Kinds Of Equipment At Tow Truck San Antonio

A good tow is done when the proper equipment to handle the work is made available.  Often the use of improper gear would cause damage to the vehicle being towed.  This can seriously affect the life and value of the car under the tow and should be avoided to the best possible extent.  Here it would be pertinent that a proper study is done on the available kinds of towing gear at the tow truck San Antonio.

The primary tow truck San Antonio equipment

  1. Boom truck: The most prominent part of the lifting equipment would be the presence of a boom that can be deployed to stabilize the lifting truck as well as help remove the truck in case it gets bogged down in loose soil. With the use of the boom, it is possible to have a full operational situation as would have been otherwise possible.
  2. Sling truck: These are the most common lifting equipment used to tow away cars and other vehicles that get to block the path on public ways. Most of the sling trucks are heavy lifters and can handle the different types of vehicles that need towing away.
  3. Wheel lifts: With the wheel lifts, it is possible to execute a tow with the minimal damage to the towed vehicle. This is a further refinement on the sling truck construction and aims at placing the lifting boom over the wheels rather than the front bumper.  The wheel lifts are popular modes of tow with the law enforcing bodies for the fact that it can be done while the vehicle is locked out from the inside.
  4. Flatbed truck: In the flatbed lifting truck, the vehicle is winched onto the bed of the lifting truck, and this is done by lowering the foundation of the truck.  This type of a lifting option is used when the affected vehicle is too damaged to be controlled by itself.  Sometimes the flatbed trucks are used if the distance to be towed is more than the normal.
  5. Self-loader: The self-loader has a lifting boom that lifts and places the vehicle on to the back of the truck. Quite unlike the flatbed truck, the car in question is lifted clean off the road rather than have it winched in.  The self-loader would be the preferred lifting option when a vehicle is a total loss as would the case be in case of severe accidents on the roads.

Getting to be cautious with the tow action

Towing away a vehicle is just part of the job of the lifting company.  Often a good amount of work is done to secure the car to the towing conveyance.  It is essential to prevent any damage to the towed vehicle as it could lead to complicated legal procedures later on.  With the more established and renowned of tow truck San Antonio operators, every care is taken to secure the vehicle at the same time keep the vehicle from any damages what so ever.