Chief Keef

Keith Farrelle Corzart known better by the stage name, chief keef is an American rapper. Best known for his mixtapes chief keef is counted in one of the young millionaires. He became popular during his school days. But he gained real popularity in 2012 when he released his first album. ‘I Don’t like’.  Chief Keef is popular and has achieved popularity at a young age. It is also noted that he started his carrier at a very young age that is 5. When one chooses to go the path of passion then success is all you get. The same happened with keef. Turning his passion to his profession was a good choice for keef.  The best way to know about keef is to look for the chief keef net worth forbs source.

Early Life

Chief Keef is a successful rapper and he has completely earned it. Having said that, we can say that this was the way his life was. He was born into a family with no ravish lifestyle.  Born in Australia, he was named Keith Cozart after his deceased uncle.  At a young age, keef started recording his raps. Using his mother’s karaoke he used to record his mixtapes.  Finally, in 2011, he earned local attention from his mixtape ‘The Glory Road and Bang’ from Chicago’s south side community.

Rockstar life is fun and all rock stars are known for doing something reckless. The same happened with keef. He fired gun shorts from a Pontiac Grand Prix in Chicago. The cops showed up at the place and as usual, he got arrested. Breaking the law he served for his crime. But being a celebrity has its own perks. Instead of going to prison, he was house arrested for 30 days. Later the sentence was extended by another 30 days.

Being in prison did not stop him from doing something he liked. He started making videos and posted them on youtube. This made the fans crazy and increased his fan following. After he got out of prism, Keef’s fan following increased during his new album. The album ‘I don’t like’ became so popular that Kayne West along with other rappers created a remix.

Gaining popularity with time, keef was in demand by many labels, trying to sign him, including Young Jeezy’s CTE World. In the year 2013, keef started singing with Interscope Records, this was a separate deal which promised his own label imprint, GBE (Glory Boyz Entertainment).  This was a handsome deal that leads him to earn more than $6,000,000 million.

Personal Life & current status

Being famous is just not enough. You need to have someone along with you. well, keef also had a good love life.  He was in a relationship with Mesha and got himself engaged in the year 2013, the relationship resulted in 2 daughters and a boy.  As per today, his is known to be single. In the year 2016, it was heard that keef said it was time for his retirement. Despite of all the issued and news, he released his album ‘Two Zero One Seven’ in 2017.