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Here you will find sites to download free audiobooks. A list of the most reliable sites that have complete and free audiobooks without registering, audios in Spanish (Spanish) and in English. In addition to sites for listening to audio books with human voice for the blind. And finally we will teach you the trick to download audiobooks from YouTube.

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Currently you have several options to download audiobooks, you can do it free or pay online. You can download complete or reduced audiobooks. For many of us it is more comfortable and I think that more fun listening to a book instead of reading it. In the car, when you run, when you are cooking, … audiobooks have the advantage that they can be consumed at any time. You only need a mobile device that has a media player to listen to audiobooks.

Although if you are one of those who think you like reading the most, we have the best pages to download free books and eBooks (PDF and ePub)

Free Audiobooks

An audiobook is a narration of a book orally and that is narrated out loud by several interpreters or by one. As a general rule, the voice is usually produced by a single author, although actors, dubbers and even amateur producers can also participate.

The Internet has become the premier library of free and paid audiobooks. Of course, you can also find it in the typical libraries or bookstores dedicated to the distribution of books. The Internet has allowed the spread of audiobooks to be much higher and that is why many authors create their own audiobooks without having to have a physical book or an eBook.

free audio books and ebooks

Audiobooks are generally intended for entertainment purposes, although they can also be used to learn or learn about a particular topic. There are also audio books that are intended for practicing or learning a language and with a human voice for the blind.

One of the main characteristics of audiobooks is that they can contain music or sound effects and other sound resources to further enrich the story told. They are perfect for children, below you have a list of the best children’s audiobooks.

Audiobook Formats And Devices

Currently there are several formats in which we can find audiobooks and they are the following: mp3, wma voice, aac, mpeg-4 or m4b. Virtually all of them can be played on any device.

How to Listen to An Audio Book?

The most common is that you find audiobooks in mp3 to download, this type of files can be played on any digital audio player: from the mobile or tablet, PC or computer, from the car,… For audiobooks in m4b and mpeg- 4 it is better to listen to them from VLC or iTunes.

Although currently the most used files are streaming to listen to audiobooks. You also have Amazon Echo or Google Home that are capable of reading a book, even with Kindle Ebooks.

Pages Where to Download Complete Free Audiobooks

On the websites that we are going to tell you below you can download the audiobooks for free or listen to them directly from the web online for free. Of course, you need to be registered to access these audiobooks.

iVoox – Listen and Download Audiobooks

iVoox is one of the best sites to download free and complete audiobooks in Spanish. It has an extensive library of narrations, stories and radio podcasts on different topics. You also have the option of playing audiobooks online via streaming or downloading them to your mobile or PC. In addition to having a wide variety of content, in iVoox you have the option to upload audios with no storage limit.

Sonolibro – Audiobooks in Spanish

SonoLibro is a website that offers you the best audio books in Spanish to download. His recordings are made in studios and feature sound and music effects.

Download audiobooks are with human voice

Audiobooks are human-voiced and made by true industry professionals like voice actors.

Storytel: Audiobooks and eBooks on Your Mobile

Storytel is a website to listen to thousands of audiobooks. Although you have the possibility of listening to the audiobooks online in streaming, with Storytel you can download the audiobooks for free to listen to them without an Internet connection with its application for Android and iOS mobiles. You have thousands of themes, from universal classics to bestsellers, novels or the most incredible biographies.

Audio Book is a website where you can download free and complete audiobooks in Spanish by title, author and also taking into account the voice of the announcer. There is also a paid version that removes advertising.

Audioteka – The Best Audiobooks

Audioteka is a mythical website with the highest traffic on the list. It is a site where you can download free audiobooks. Audioteka collects information from other websites, hence its huge library, classifying its content by author and content.

Audiobooks in The Electronic Library of The Instituto Cervantes (RBIC)

The Electronic Library of the Instituto Cervantes is a website where you can find complete free audiobooks in Spanish to download. You have all the contemporary narrative themes, works of thought and children’s literature by all authors, including classics. Of course, it is a website that requires a previous registration of a few seconds but compensates given the authority offered by the Electronic Library of the Instituto Cervantes. Their audiobooks are quality.

Audiomol – Audiobooks in Spanish to download in mp3

At Audiomol you can download free audiobooks but only in the first month of the trial, then it is paid. Audiomol has a library of more than 1,000 audiobooks in Spanish that can be listened to online via streaming and downloaded to your mobile to listen to it without an Internet connection. An advantage of Audiomol is that you can have audiobooks recorded on CD or mp3.

Albalearning – Free Audiobooks and Books Without Registration

Albalearning is another of the websites that have a large library of audiobooks that can be downloaded free of charge and WITHOUT REGISTERING. In addition you are going to find complete audio books in Spanish to download for free of all the themes: humor, mystery, love, poetry, fiction even video books.

Internet Archive ( Digital Library of Free Books, Movies and Music is a website where you can listen to mp3 and digital audiobooks for free. Audiobooks can be downloaded although you have to use a browser extension to download multimedia content.

How to Download Complete Free Audiobooks From Youtube

Youtube offers its users a large repertoire of complete audiobooks in Spanish and English for free. There are different ways to download audiobooks from YouTube and the first of all is using the YouTube Premium application, which is one of the best apps to download videos and music from YouTube. This application will allow you to download audiobooks and any type of multimedia content on your mobile, tablet or PC to listen to them without an Internet connection. This YouTube Premium option has a monthly cost of 12 euros per month although you have a free trial month.

There are also other free options to download audiobooks from YouTube and we have compiled them in this tutorial: How to Download Free Youtube Videos and Audios On Android Mobile.

List of free Audiobooks in Spanish Youtube

Next, we leave you a list with the Youtube channels of free audiobooks in Spanish complete. Our advice is to use Youtube Premium or the apps to download Free Youtube Videos and Audios On Android Mobile.

AMA Audiobooks

Audiobooks in English

If you know of any other channel in Spanish or even in English, put it in the comments to complete the list.

Where to Download Audiobooks In English

For those who want to download audiobooks in English, either to reinforce the language or because you like it, we leave you a list of the best free sites.

LibriVox | Free Public Domain Audio Books In English

LibriVox is the most prominent list site on the Internet and is in the public domain. Here you can download audiobooks in English but you will also find them in Spanish for free to listen to without internet connection on mobile phones, tablets, … This website is characterized by the fact that audiobooks are made by volunteers with a professional level. The works are organized by author, title and genre. In addition to being able to download them, you can listen to them via streaming.

Audible – Amazon Audiobooks for Android

You all know Amazon as one of the most important platforms in the online world. In addition to being able to buy, on Amazon you can find an audiobook platform called Audible that offers thousands of audiobooks in English but also in Spanish. Of all genres and categories. A great option to consider.

Lit2Go ETC

Lit2Go is another website that offers audiobooks in English to download, either to learn or to practice this language and is one of the best options on the list. On this site you can download free audiobooks in English, from poems or history collection in mp3. In addition to complete audiobooks, in Lit2Go you will find summaries and citations, and word count tools and playing time for each of the audiobooks. In Lit2Go you can also download supplementary material to the reading in PDF in English.

Internet Archive: Digital Library of Free Books, Movies and Music

Internet Archive is a free English audiobook platform that uses sites like the ones mentioned above, LibriVox, … to be able to download free audiobooks online. You have from all categories and from all genres.

Loyal Books: 7000+ Free AudioBook and eBook Downloads

Loyal Books is a public domain website and you will find English audiobooks to download. It has a fairly simple interface and navigation through the site is very intuitive. Loyal Books has more than 7,000 audiobooks of all categories and genres, with a list of the 100 most downloaded.

So far the lists of the best sites to download audiobooks. As we try more we will update the content.

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