Top 5 Best Online Sports Streaming Sites to Watch Sports Online

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Online sports broadcasting has become a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide. Thanks to the innovations of digitization, users can enjoy their favorite sport from a mobile device. Therefore, the competition between the pages to watch live sports via streaming sports is increasingly fierce, since the contracts for broadcasting rights must also consider the modality of live sports.

Live Sports Streaming Sites

Many of these streaming services require subscription, consequently many fans explore alternatives to watch sports for free. One way is through the live sports TV platforms of those free sports channels, but they may be limited by location. So how do you get live sports without geo-restrictions? Several solutions are offered in this article.

The most recommended websites to watch sports online


The social network is a very useful platform that allows you to search for sports links online. Thanks to agreements reached with entities such as UEFA or the Fan Pages of clubs in different sports disciplines (Manchester United, for example), Facebook is an excellent alternative for streaming sports in high definition. For this reason, it is the most recommended option to watch sports for free.

Although its millions of users —especially Spanish speakers— have already verified that their open broadcasts can present geographical restrictions, it is an easy solution if a VPN is used. Another social network that allows you to watch sports online for free is Twitter. But it does not have as many sports channels as Facebook. While both foster interaction within online sports fan communities.


Among the pages to watch sports online for free, Cricfree provides the user with the best interface in terms of ranking sports channels. Therefore, it is very easy for fans to get a specific sports channel or event (American football, for example). This thanks to its offer based on chains such as NBC, Fox, ESPN or Eurosport, among others.

Also, its promotions to watch live sports include sections with statistics from the main European soccer leagues. That is, LFP of Spain, the Premier of England, the German Bundesliga and Serie A of Italy. If a live soccer sports channel has location restrictions, a VPN can be used to unblock them.

Pirlo TV

Despite not having the best reviews regarding its security (an aspect that will be explained how to solve later in this article using a VPN). It is a very popular medium because it integrates the live sports signals of networks such as ESPN, Directv Sports, Fox Sports and HBO, among others. In this way, it has become one of the platforms that offers the most online sports.

As a great advantage, Pirlo TV doesn’t show much publicity during streaming sports broadcasts. In addition, it offers a connection to Facebook and other social networks. This improves the user experience while browsing sports web pages. With all these qualities, it is evident that the developers of Pirlo TV have created a highly recommended portal to watch free live sports.

Live tv

This site offers content from shows around the world (not just online sports, movies too), being a fairly safe method of watching sports for free. It has an ideal betting section for those fans of making bets connected to online sports. At the same time, it is possible to view predictions, results and statistics in real time of other live sporting events.

Its only disadvantage is the appearance of pop-ups during the transmission of online sports … nothing that a good VPN cannot solve. Live TV is a very suitable channel for viewing sports games online through mobile devices. This aspect gives it a very practical versatility among the choices available online to watch free sports.


It is a portal with an interface based on the old design of sports pages such as Roja Directa, Batman stream or Pirlo TV. Which is why online sports fans with several years of experience searching for free sports pages often find one of their favorite streaming sports choices.

As an element in favor, it allows you to watch live sports for free among a wide variety of simultaneous sports events, in the language chosen by the user, including a good sports grid in Spanish. On the other hand, it is one of the pages to watch live sports with the most advertising and its live sports signal shows intermittent. Certainly, it is a simple inconvenience to solve by implementing a VPN.


Currently there are many channels that offer live sports on the internet. Without a doubt, the best way to access them is by protecting a virtual private network or VPN. Aside from allowing you to enjoy the most important sporting events, by using a VPN, users forget about any geographical limitation. This is because the encrypted tunnel hides the true location of the device used to connect.

In addition, VPN providers guarantee the viewing of online sports from any public or open network in a fully protected way, without risks to suffer from possible viruses or malware or security leaks due to the theft of personal information such as passwords, keys banking, private details.

In addition, the additional advantages of VPNs allow – apart from enjoying the best of online sports – to easily enter platforms such as Netflix to watch any series or movie. VPNs represent a secure, pop-up-free online sports visualization.

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